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PLEASE MENTION: The TUDOR DICOM Tools are not intended for medical diagnosis

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The software needs at least version 1.5 of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), due to the compatibility of external libraries. The installation of the Tudor DICOM Tools is quite easy:

  • Download the package.
  • For the Tudor DICOM Viewer:
    • Unpack the archive and use the .exe or .sh file to start the Viewer.
  • For the Tudor DICOM Plugins:
    • Unpack the archive in the ImageJ directory. All files will be copied to the correct locations. The archive contains external libraries in the plugins/TudorDICOMLibs folder and the plugin jar in plugins/TudorDICOM_Plugin.jar
  • For the Tudor DICOM Sources:
    • Import the src package into any Java development tool, e.g. Eclipse and then link all libraries from the EXCEPT the lu.tudor.santec.dicom.jar (which contains is the same classes as the src code) to it.

Please download and install the Java ImageIO to be able to read compressed DICOM files:

Please give us some information about your organisation and for what you are using our tools. Thanks!

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