Dose DEO

CT Dose Documentation, Estimation and Optimisation

The aim of this project is the guidance for the estimation of dose reference levels in Computed Tomography (CT) for Luxembourg.

We have carried out during the last years several activities in CT dosemetrie:

  1. On behalf of the Ministry of Health - Department of Radioprotection a dose study in 2007 gave us first insight into the dose values used for the most frequent CT protocols in 2007. These results have been reviewed and discussed in a public symposium the same year.
  2. During 2008 we assisted the team of the ministry - with the support of external experts - in the optimisation of the protocols in use.
  3. In 2009 we will repeat - again on behalf of the Ministry - the dose study to estimate the present dose values and estimate the efficiency of the optimisations done.

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21.01.2010 Handouts are now online

The handouts of the CT Symposium are now online.

Les supports du symposium (présentation..) sont dès à présent disponibles sur le site. Pour ceux qui souhaitent avoir des informations supplémentaires, n'hésitez pas à consulter la section “Lectures conseillées”.

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