Project Description

The European FP7 project EPI-CT “Epidemiological study to quantify risks for paediatric computerized tomography and to optimise doses” estimates the risk for the paediatric patient to cancer. Under the leadership of the IARC, Lyon, the project will establish not only an international cohort, but will as well work on the biological aspects and optimisiation of radiation use in children. Our team contributes to the work packages data collection, dosimetry and optimisation.

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Contact Information

Andreas Jahnen
R & D Manager Medical Imaging and Radiation Protection

Centre de Recherche Henri Tudor
29, Avenue John F. Kennedy

L-1855 Luxembourg

Mail : Andreas.Jahnen(at)tudor.lu
phone: +352 42 59 91 - 250
fax : +352 42 59 91 - 251

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